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Ever since she was a teenager, Baltimore native Sheena A. Young has been experimenting. She really loved her chemistry sets, but she also loved fashion. That’s why this future Ph.D. in chemistry has found a way to combine her two loves by designing a line of eco-friendly products for the fashion conscious.

Drawing off her background in chemistry and environmental engineering, Young is setting out to send a message to the fashion industry: You can look good and protect the environment.

The founder and president of Nael Coce and ECOclean Corporation has designed the Ambi Collection, which is two shoes in one: a four-inch convertible high heel that has a comfortable, odor resistant, antibacterial insole that becomes a flat. The shoes, made from environmentally safe synthetic materials, have a distinctive green sole.

Young, 29, was inspired to design the shoe after one New Year’s Eve Party she grew tired of wearing her high heels, but dreaded walking barefoot. She talked to friends and family about the concept. She spent months researching it, leading her to realize that she had a novel ideal. With that experience in mind, she headed to design the shoe, using a combination of earth-friendly materials. As she was doing her research on her shoe, she realized that she had discovered a huge, potential market.

Young is a Ph.D. student in chemistry at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County, but has a rich educational background. She received her B.S. in chemistry at Spelman College in Atlanta and a M.S. in environmental engineering with a concentration in environmental chemistry from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. Her passion about chemistry has helped fund her studies and travels around the world.

With the successful launch of her shoe in March 2012, Young is now busy getting the next line of products available for sale online and in major retailers around the country. Young created a website – – where you can learn more about her company and the innovative shoe.

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