Nael Coce is looking for dynamic individuals to join our team.If you’re creative, innovative and have the expertise to deliver remarkable style and service, you’ve come to the right place. Available Positions with Nael Coce : Design Finance Marketing Advertising Webmaster Accounting

Design Technology

Nael Coce has used the latest technology to pilot produce durable and eco-friendly products. The upper, inner material, and outsole of our products comprised the most earth friendly materials. The insoles are composed of highly porous sorbent material with odor resistant properties. Its natural organic fiber is lightweight, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The highly absorbent design […]

About the Founder

Sheena Young – Founder ver since she was a teenager, Baltimore native Sheena A. Young has been experimenting. She really loved her chemistry sets, but she also loved fashion. That’s why this future Ph.D. in chemistry has found a way to combine her two loves by designing a line of eco-friendly products for the fashion […]

Wear The High Heel Shoe Alone

Hold the high heel shoe and pull the flat shoe out of the high heel shoe. Insert the insole securely into the high heel shoe. Removing the insole from the shoe and sitting it in indirect sunlight for a few hours can regenerate the shoe insole.

Flat Inside of Heel

Remove the insole from the high heel shoe and insert the flat shoe into the high heel shoe. Make sure the flat shoe fits securely into the high heel shoe, ensuring that the flat shoe does not show above the high heel shoe.