Design Techology

Nael Coce uses the latest technology to produce durable and eco-friendly products. The upper, inner material, and outsole of our products comprised the most earth friendly materials. The insoles are composed of highly porous sorbent material with odor resistant properties. Its natural organic fiber is lightweight, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The highly absorbent design of the shoe will gain popularity with its antibacterial functions. This newly advanced sorbent material contains more micro-pores, than traditional sorbent, enhancing its adsorptive ability. Once the absorptive capacity is reached, the shoe insole can be placed into indirect sunlight for a couple hours to regenerate its properties.

The shoebox is also produced from eco-friendly material, recyclable paper. Its green design allows it to be carried as a bag. The packaging design will enable recycling of the biodegradable material facilitating eco-friendly disposal of the shoebox.

Many of our products are made with the Nael Coce signature green sole design. They will eventually be available in standard black.